House Rules

House Rules

Smoking or vaping of any kind is prohibited in all of our suites. Smoking and vaping outside is permitted if it is done no closer than 30 feet from any entrance, and no cigarette butts or smoking litter is left behind. Evidence of smoking or vaping may results in a $200 charge for extra cleaning.

Although we love our family pets, for the safety and comfort of our other and future guests, the Bunk House is not pet friendly. Evidence of the presence of animals may result in a charge of $200 for damages.

We love gathering with friends and family, but to ensure the peaceful and unimpeded stay of our other guests, no parties are allowed.

We ask that you embrace the culture of the Ozarks by removing your shoes when indoors as frequently as possible. This also helps ensure the longevity of floors and furniture.

Since The Bunk House is in the country, bugs and wild critters are common. Keeping doors shut will greatly reduce the chance of bugs or other critters getting in and causing you, or us problems. So please keep doors shut as much as possible.

To ensure the enjoyment and relaxation of your stay and our other guests, we ask that the hours between 10pm-8am be respected as quiet hours.

Since we are in a rural environment, the existing infrastructure is not that of which you may be used to. To ensure an uninterrupted stay we ask that you do not put anything down the drains but the provided toilet paper, water, or human waste. All wipes, feminine products, food scraps or other trash should be placed in the waste basket.

Guests are responsible for negligent or purposeful damages. Please report any damages to the host immediately.

Cancellations within 7 days (30 days for Festival Weekends) of arrival will incur a charge equal to one night’s stay. A No-Show, no notification will incur a charge equal to the entire reservation amount.