Stay Information

House Rules

We know rules are boring, but to ensure all our guest have the best possible experience, please read and follow these few house rules.

– Smoking of any kind is prohibited in all of our suites.  Smoking outside is permitted it is done no closer than 30 feet from any entrance, and no butts or smoking litter is left behind.

– Although we love our family pets, for the safety and comfort of our other and future guests, The Bunk House is not pet friendly.

– We love gathering with friends and family, but due to our insurance and to ensure the peaceful and unimpeded stay of our other guests, no parties are allowed.

– We ask that you embrace the culture of the Ozarks by removing your shoes when indoors as frequently as possible. This also helps protect out floors and furniture.

– Since The Bunk House is in the country, bugs and wild critters are common. Keeping doors shut will greatly reduce the chance of bugs or other critters getting in and causing you, or us problems. So please keep doors shut as much as possible.

– To ensure the enjoyment and relaxation of your stay and our other guests, we ask that the hours between 10pm-8am be respected as quiet hours.

– Since we are in a rural environment, the existing infrastructure is not that of which you may be used to. To ensure an uninterrupted stay we ask that you do not put anything down the drains but the provided toilet paper, water, or human waste. All wipes, feminine products, food scraps or other trash should be placed in the waste basket.

Things to Know

Aside from the house rules, there are a few additional things you may find helpful to know.

When you arrive at The Bunk House, please be mindful of other guests when parking to ensure everyone has adequate ingress and egress.

Suites 1 and 2 can be found on the East end of the building (the front side when you first pull in) Suites 3 and 4 are found on the West end (the far end of the building when you first pull in).

Once you find the Suite corresponding with your reservation you will need to use the keypad on the door to get in. To do this enter the 4-digit code you were given then turn the deadbolt lock clockwise (to the right). Now the door is unlocked. To lock from the inside simply turn the deadbolt counter clockwise (to the left) and it is locked. To lock from the outside press the narrow oval button at the top of the keypad, then turn the deadbolt counter clockwise (to the left) and now the door is locked.

  Additional bedding can be found in the closet at the rear of the suite or can be requested from the host.

Should you need it (we hope you never do) a fire suppression can is located in the cabinet below the kitchen sink. If for any reason you have to deploy this can, report it right away to the host so we can ensure the safety of all guests as well as provide a new full can.

Should you need assistance operating any of the kitchen appliances, please see the manuals included in the manual.

We offer free Wi-Fi for the convenience of our guests. The password for our networks are “bunkhouse”.

Please feel free to use any of your streaming services on our TV’s, just be sure to sign out of all your accounts before you check out, unless you want to share your account with all subsequent guests.

Check Out Procedure

We know its sad to think about, but here is what we ask when its time for you to leave:

  • Empty both waste baskets along with any additional garbage into the provided bags and place in the garbage cans found outside.
  • Sign out of all streaming services.
  • Ensure thermostat is returned to the settings it was at when you arrived.
  •   Turn off or unplug all appliances (blow dryer, iron, toaster oven, etc.).
  • Walk around and verify you haven’t left any personal belongings.
  •   Turn off all interior lights (porch light may remain on).
  •   Lock your door from the outside as you leave (instructions on how to do this can be found on page 5).
  •   Book with us again!

Okay, that last one is optional, but seriously, we hope we exceeded your expectations and hope that you will choose to stay with us again!

The Bunkhouse in MV
A Unique Getaway Experience

We thank you again for choosing to stay at The Bunk House. Please reach out with any comments regarding your stay!